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Hi! My name's Brandy.  I'm a 27 year old Floridian and I created this community to share my experiences with Mon Avie Active, a fruit drink made with acai berries from the rainforest and 18 other fruits.  A lot of people in my social circle have been raving about this product for awhile now and I've been hesitant to really try it because honestly I'm not a big believer in holistic type stuff, herbs and etc.  And because I'm a entry level receptionist that really doesn't have an extra $60 a month lying around to waste on fruit juice.  But soon the raves about the product started to sink in.  A friend of my mom's who used to have knee trouble is now pain free.  A resident where I work with herniated disks no longer has to take pain pills.  A friend with insomnia due to pain now sleeps through the night.  All the while I'm feeling like an 80 year old, my ankles ache constantly and hurt to the degree that I can barely go for more than a mile on my treadmill without being in excruciating pain.  This is due to the fact that I've sprained them seriously no less than 6 times.  My knees are starting to ache due to the stress I put them under hauling my big butt around.  My back always hurts.  I wake up every morning in pain from tossing and turning and I never have energy.  I feel like my life is passing me by... So I broke down and bought a bottle and I intend to document my progress with it on this site.  I want to stress though that I am not a distributor, I'm making no money off this product.  If it really and truly works though I might become a disributor because hey? who couldn't use a little extra income? 
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