mon_avie (mon_avie) wrote in mon_avieactive,

Ummm....Day's 4-6 I think

I'm so bad at daily posting. Sorry about that.  So today is Day 6 and I think I'm definetly noticing a difference both in my aches and pains and in my energy level.  Neither my ankles or my knees are really bothering me.  I still get twinges from them occasionally but I'm starting to feel more my age and not 80!  And as for energy level, my morning is proof that its up....I got up at 9 (on a weekend), cleaned my kitchen, vaccumed, did 2 loads of laundry and cleaned my bathroom.  If you knew me in person you'd be amazed by that.  So now its Saturday afternoon and I have the rest of the weekend to do fun things instead of laying around and procrastinating doing my chores!  If the energy is still up tomorrow I plan to paint my bedroom (a true test for my joints) and rearrange my furniture in my house.  
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