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Day 2 and Morning of Day 3

I'm really good at this posting thing aren't I?  *sarcasm* I already missed the second day.   I also forgot to take my morning dose of Mon Avie yesterday morning.  But I took 2 oz at night instead.   This morning (the third day) when my alarm went off I rolled over in bed and flipped it off and snuggled back down into my comforters.   I don't know if its the mon avie or just luck but nothing hurt.  This is kinda amazing....I usually can't get comfortable in bed and then when I get up I walk all hunched over like a geriatric old fart until my joints warm up again and begin to want to move.  My knee's however are still bothering me but I will say it doesn't seem to be as bad as normal.  Anyways, gotta get to work.  Stay tuned for more later.  
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